Cross Country Ski Trails

Cumberland Area Ski Trail Association (CASTA)
25km of trails located 9 miles north of Cumberland on Co. Hwy.

Barron Area Nordic Trail Association (BANTA)
The Barron Area Nordic Trail Association (BANTA) maintains a series of trails in a beautiful oak/maple forest, known locally as Rockman’s Woods. (Trail Map)  This woods has sections owned by Barron County, City of Barron and the Barron Area School District. There are 4 km of ski trails in the woods, and an additional 2 km in the privately owned fields south of the woods. There is a lighting system on the trails in the woods that operates nightly from dusk to 10 pm.

There is a separate 2 mile trail system for snowshoeing, winter hiking and fat biking that winds around the woods in a more intimate fashion than the wider ski trail. It is requested that there be no foot or bike traffic on the ski trails during the snow season, as it can cause damage to the ski surface that is difficult to repair.

All of the operating expenses for the trail system are provided by volunteer contributions of time and money.